I live in Bellingham, WA with my husband, two kids, and our standard poodle fur baby.

I love small and simple things: hikes through nature, holding hands, long hugs, deep breaths, the sound of the wind, the smell of the Earth after it rains, smiles and winks, and Simon and Garfunkel to name a few. Mostly, I'm a fan of things that trigger a memory, which is one of the reasons why photography is so important to me.

My interest in photography started as a member of a 4-H group as a child learning the basics using an old film camera. Photography was always just a side hobby, but a passion was ignited when my children were born, and I realized the importance of documenting the moments that were passing far too quickly.

As a former English teacher, I love a good story. Stories can help to inspire the future and to remember the past. Photos can serve that same purpose. They tell a story about people who lived, loved, and laughed. They reveal emotion, connection, growth, and change. They preserve a chronicle of motherhood, fatherhood, and sibling relationships. Everyone's story deserves to be told and remembered.

As your photographer, I love that I am narrating the story of your present through images to inspire you moving forward and to help you hold onto the memories of the past.

Below is a snapshot of my family. I love each image for different reasons, but each is attached to a memory that tells a part of our story.

Cristy Holcomb sitting with a camera smiling


As a maternity photographer, I see pregnancy as magical and beautiful in such a unique way that deserves to be captured. This is such a relatively short time of sharing your body and connecting with your new baby. My goal is to make you feel the beauty of the moment before it's gone. To help, I offer a complimentary pre-session consultation to try on maternity dresses from my client closet and to discuss your session in more detail. Even if you may not feel your best while your body is growing and changing, these sessions are a way to allow yourself to celebrate the miracle of growing a new life.

As a newborn photographer, I will incorporate lightly posed shots as well as more natural, baby led posing to fill your gallery. I have a minimalist approach to newborn sessions. I focus on simplicity and neutral colors to truly highlight the beauty of your new baby. Sibling and parent shots are always included to help capture your growing family and fresh new relationships. You have the option for a Fresh 48 lifestyle session that takes place in the hospital shortly after birth to capture those first magical moments, a lifestyle session where I come to your home and document authentic moments, or you can come to my home studio for timeless portraits of baby only against a neutral backdrop.

As a family photographer, my goal is to capture authentic moments of your family. I will do my best to make our session light and fun. I love interacting with children, playing games, creating challenges, making silly faces and noises, etc. Since I have young children of my own, I understand how challenging it can sometimes be just to get your family to the location. My goal is for you to relax, be present with your children, have fun, and let me handle the rest!

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