Hi, I'm Cristy.

I am the owner/artist behind the lens at C Photography. I am based out of Bellingham, WA and serve Whatcom and Skagit Counties.

I love shooting lifestyle family sessions because the photos can tell a story about people who lived, loved, and laughed. They reveal emotion, connection, growth, and change. They preserve a chronicle of motherhood, fatherhood, and sibling relationships. Everyone’s story deserves to be told and remembered.

As your photographer, I love that I am narrating the story of your present through images to inspire you moving forward and to help you hold onto memories of the past. It would be my pleasure to get to know you and your family.

C Photography Cristy Holcomb Photographer


Before the Session

At the time of booking, you will pay a $200 retainer that reserves your session date. This retainer is applied to the total package prices once your photos are finished and ready for ordering. The remaining balance for your session will be due on your session date.

Upon booking, we will discuss your vision for the session. It is important to take time to consider what you might want from your session so I can help bring that vision to life. I will also ask you to complete a family questionnaire, which allows me to get to know you and your family before we meet for the first time. I use all this information when planning your session so I can provide you with the best possible experience.

Based on your vision, I will discuss location options with you. The first thing I look for when scouting a location is light, since it is THE most important aspect of my photos, besides the beautiful people in them! It is for this reason that I select specific outdoor locations, and I only shoot outdoors in the 1-2 hours before sunset. This is when the light is softest and most flattering.

I also offer wardrobe consultations before our session. Styling your session can elevate your photos, and there are certain colors and patterns that work best with my editing style. I will send a Pinterest board to use for inspiration along with a style guide, but I can also provide feedback and suggestions if you send photos of items, I can put together a custom mood board including a personalized shopping list with links for each item, etc.  The level of support in this area is up to you!

Finally, I will send some session tips for you to browse as you prepare yourself and your family for our session together.

During the Session

I will find the best possible light at our location, put your family in place, and then ask you to interact in some way. I might ask you to laugh or make farting noises, to tickle, or snuggle. I might have you play games, walk, jump, or bump hips. During this time, I will be documenting your interactions to capture authentic moments of you with your family.

Just have fun. The goal of this session is to not only walk away with beautiful photos, but to make memories with your family members. Take this as an opportunity to throw the rest of the world away for an hour and focus only on your loved ones. Leave your phone in the car and really be present. I encourage you to let your kids be kids, embrace whatever happens, and just have fun with it.

This means you need to let go of all expectations for the session. Instead, just go with the flow and follow the lead of your children. Play to their energy level and mood. If they are feeling a little shy, then give them some extra snuggles and kisses. If they are jumping off logs and making faces, then catch them and give them tickles. Engage in activities with them and embrace the crazy, whatever it may be, and let me handle the rest.

I will capture all the candid moments, but I always try to throw in a couple with everyone looking at the camera, too. My hope is that everyone will walk away from the session feeling like it was a fun adventure instead of just a chore.

After the Session

I will go through all of the photos taken at our session and narrow it down to the best of the best. I take out the unflattering images, blinks, and duplicates to leave you with a variety of images that tell the story of your present.

I hand edit each individual photo, paying attention to detail to create the best possible image. I color correct, straighten, and remove minor blemishes and distractions from the each photo so what is left is a piece of art that showcases your beautiful family.  I typically deliver a gallery of 50-80 photos.

Within three weeks of our session date, you will receive an email with a link to your personal online gallery. You can download your photos, share the gallery with friends and family, and create a favorite list to help you choose which photos you might want to print with your 30% discount. 

All that is left is to enjoy your photos and your memories!



Inquire for pricing

Up to 90 minute session
Wardrobe consultation
Online proof gallery
Professional editing
Personal print release
Access to my professional print lab
30% off print products

Full gallery of digital images

All bookings require a non-refundable retainer of $200+tax to hold the session date, which is later applied to the total package prices listed above.


How long with our session last?

A typical session usually lasts 60-90 minutes. I try to work and play to my audience. If the kids are having fun and doing well, we may use the full 90 minutes. If the kids are borderline, then I try to move quickly and fill your gallery as soon as possible. If we need to take a break mid-session to regroup, we can do that, too. It really depends on the kids...and sometimes our partners...

Some people think there is no way their kids will last an hour, but instead of thinking of your child focused on smiling for a camera for an hour, think of taking your child to a park to play for an hour. That is the real test of how long your child will last. Bottom line, the goal is to be relaxed, have fun, and not stress about time.

what time of day do sessions take place?

Light is the most important element to produce quality photos. For this reason, I schedule all outdoor sessions 1-2 hours before sunset. This is when the light is softest to prevent deep shadows and harsh highlights.

Because sunset dictates start times, a summer session will start later than a winter session so plan accordingly if your child has an early bedtime. However, most kids do just fine staying up late for an evening of fun and adventure with the family so don't be afraid to stretch it. That warm summer light often can't be beat!

I use www.timeanddate.com as a guide to figure out start times.

Indoor sessions are often scheduled in the late morning for the best light, but it can be dependent on individual homes and/or schedules.

What happens if it is raining on our session date?

We live in the PNW so this is always a risk. I keep a number of backup dates open in case of bad weather, and there’s no fee to reschedule. Since weather can be unpredictable, I often try to wait until the morning of our session to make a decision so we have an accurate view of the hourly forecast.

I've found www.weather.gov to be the most accurate forecast for our area.

how long will it take to get my photos?

I will edit your photos and set up your online gallery within three weeks of our session. Once your gallery is complete, I will contact you via email with the link to your gallery.

If I want prints and/or wall art, do I have to order those through you?

The best option for printing professional photos is always to use a professional print lab. Professional labs regularly calibrate their printers so they will more closely match what I have edited on my calibrated computer monitor. Commercial print labs may rarely, if ever, calibrate their printers, so I cannot guarantee quality will remain consistent with what I see on my screen. For this reason, I always recommend ordering prints and/or wall art directly from my gallery store for the best quality.

With that said, printed and displayed photos are always better than leaving them hiding on a hard drive somewhere. Therefore, I also provide a personal print release, which will allow you to use any print lab of your choice.

Do you offer mini sessions?

I get this question often. I am not a high volume photographer for a reason. I want to get to know you and your family, and I want you all to feel comfortable with me. I want our session to feel like a fun adventure of play, laughter, and exploring together, which can help me capture the true connections between family members. I don't want the purpose of the session to be a quick chore to smile at a camera.

All of this takes time. Often the best photos come from the last half of our session as we all warm up to each other. Mini sessions do not allow for this time to connect, which doesn't match my philosophy of business, so I do not offer them.

What if my kids and/or partner are not into getting photos taken?

More than likely that is because they are used to traditional photos of everyone heavily posed and smiling at a camera. That isn't fun for anyone, which is why I love lifestyle sessions. During my sessions, very little time is spent just smiling at a camera. The expectation is that you play and give each other your undivided attention. Who doesn't want that?!